HALO 1- Back Registers

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HALO 1 GLOSSY BLACK – Back registers. Headlights 911 FULL LED Black for Classic Porsche 911 ( 911/912/964 65-94) plug and play; Includes both headlights. 4 weeks for production. Insured shipping.

Headlights 911 FULL LED Black for Classic Porsche 911 ( 911/912/964 65-94) – Discreet Modernity Meets Classic Elegance

HALO 1 is designed to integrate European Model G position light. The little smile at bottom of the lamp marks an ingenuous sign of modernity. It is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate a position light with a discrete but distinctive sign. This elegant fixture comes with a gloss black finish bezel and a Bosch lens, harmonizing beautifully with various paint colors, while discreetly concealing the presence of a modern LED projector.

HALO 1 offers a hassle-free, direct plug-and-play solution. Your set also includes a storage bag, ensuring the safekeeping of your factory fixtures or any new ones you might decide to switch to.

HALO 1 features conveniently positioned registers on the back of the lamp, allowing for straightforward manual adjustment of the light cut-off.

For the LHD markets each fixture proudly houses a German-engineered OSRAM LED projector with low beam (35 W) and high beam (43 W) functions. The Hella 3R G5 compatible support  grants the unique opportunity of upgrading the projectors with even more powerful PES like the OSRAM CBI PRO (47 W low beam/52 W high beam) and the OSRAM CBI Laser (50 W low beam/70 W high beam/ outstanding 800 m high beam suitable for race tracks or off-road).

For the RHD markets the fixtures house AES 15 Pro projectors with low beam (45 W) and high beam (55 W) functions, dedicated LED board for the high beam and double convex lens.

Installation is a breeze, as it easily plugs into the factory H4 sockets.

The resulting light output and pattern combine to deliver a safe and empowering driving experience, granting you unparalleled control on the road.

Every exterior component is comprised of authentic OEM parts, including the exterior trim ring, seals, springs, and lenses. This provides you with the flexibility to swap out components at your convenience, whether for maintenance or customization.

Optional: black trims and low/high profile Rennline lenses are available as option. At your order we will send you an email to confirm the final configuration and you’ll need to reply if any changes are needed: the entire production process will take about 4 weeks from purchasing.

For any questions about these Headlights 911 FULL LED Black, please, visit our contact page or our Instagram at @aura_x911

Designed and Made in ITALY.



1.3 kg/3.0 lbs per fixture

WEIGHT (package)

5 kg- 11 lbs

DIMENSIONS (package)

500x250x250 mm- 20 × 10× 10 in


Nylon Carbon


Glass. Hi profile Bosch


Gloss black painted ploycarbonate


– OSRAM 35 w 3” Bi LED, Built-in LED Chips, > 2000 LUMENS, 6000 K , > 30.000 hours lifespan
– RHD AES 15 PRO 45/55 W 3” Bi LED, Built-in LED Chips, > 2000 LUMENS, 6000 K , > 30.000 hours lifespan


1 Segment at the bottom of the fixture.




2 Years