HALO Zero Nero

1,390.00 Exc. VAT

HALO Zero Nero – FULL LED Headlights for Classic Porsche 911 ( 911/912/964 65-94) plug and play; Includes both headlights. 4 weeks for production. Insured shipping.

Seamless Elegance for the Iconic Porsche 911s, Model F and US Model

HALO Zero Nero is specifically tailored for the Porsche 911 models F and US model G. It is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate without any distinctive signature lights. This elegant fixture comes with a gloss black finish bezel and a H4 fluted lens, harmonizing beautifully with various paint colors, while discreetly concealing the presence of a modern LED projector. All the parts are black and the chrome accents are deleted.

HALO Zero Nero offers a hassle-free, direct plug-and-play solution. Your set also includes a storage bag, ensuring the safekeeping of your factory fixtures or any new ones you might decide to switch to.

HALO Zero Nero features conveniently positioned registers on the back of the lamp, allowing for straightforward manual adjustment of the light cut-off.

Each fixture boasts an AES LED projector with both high and low beam capabilities, easily plugging into the factory H4 sockets. The resulting light output and pattern combine to ensure a safe and empowering driving experience, granting you a strong sense of control on the road.

Most of the exterior components are genuine Porsche factory parts, including the exterior trim ring, sealing, springs. This allows you the flexibility to swap out parts at your convenience, whether for repairs or customization.

Designed and Made in ITALY.


WEIGHT (package)

5 Kg- 11 lbs

DIMENSIONS (package)

500x250x250 mm- 20 × 10× 10 in


Nylon Carbon


Glass. Fluted H4 ISO Bosch


AES A14 -X  38 w/48 w 3” Bi LED, Built-in LED Chips, > 2000 LUMENS, 6000 K , > 30.000 hours lifespan






1.2 Kg- 2.8 lbs per fixture


2 Years

Weight 1.3 kg